City with 20,000 inhabitants can have 20 men charged for raping

Two guys were declared fugitives this friday in  the small city of Tanhaçu, 480 km away from Salvador, Bahia. They were charged for making part of group of 20 men which decide to establish a bizarre competition. A sexual contest that will be won for who succeed to deflower the greatest number of virgins. Police estimates that the criminals, between 25 and 35 years old, have made victims at least 40 girls under 17. Since many victims are not  helping, police have some difficult to establish in which cases there was a crime. The age of consent in Brazil is 14. In case of younger girls, is a rape not matter it was consensual. But, according to the police, some mothers are telling the girls to deny the crime saying they started having sex with their boyfriends.

About Gilson Jorge

Fã de Tom Waits, Chico Buarque e Woody Allen, que adora contar histórias do cotidiano
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