Presidential election lacks emotion

The first presidential bid in which Mr. Lula da Silva is not running, since 1989, it was supposed to be an interesting one, everyone thought few months ago. Especially because Lula’s candidate, Ms. Dilma Rousseff, a former guerrilheira that spent sometime in jail under the militar dictatorship, was pretty unknown for most brazilians even while serving Lula’s government for more than seven years.

But, thanks to the enormous popularity of Lula, Rousseff’s main opposer, Mr. Jose Serra, former governor of the wealthy state of São Paulo, that also fought against the ancient regime, is having a hard time to convince voters he is the best choice. Even before campaign started on TV, Rousseff was ahead of her opponent in the polls. Which surprised the political analysts from the media the were sure (or at least hoping) about Serra’s winning.

When a scandal came out last week, involving the access to secret data from Serra’s daughter at the Receita Federal (the brazilian IRS), there were sort of a excitement among the opposition and media, both accusing directly the government of playing dirty. But as the electoral justice didn’t find any evidence of guilty by Rousseff’s staff and voters still celebrating the good news from brazilian economy, a survey published this friday night showed Rousseff with 51% of vote’s intention and Serra with 24%. The election happens next october 3. And if nothing strange occurs, everyone will be kind of bored for a month. Specially the analysts.

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