Judge to sue authorities for his dog dying electrocuted at a beach in Salvador

Going to the beach in Salvador, State of Bahia, can be a shocking experience nowadays. Literally. A dog died and his owner was slightly hurt last weekend after getting in touch with uncovered electric wiring left in the sand by the old barracas, little bars, sometimes very fancy, that had been frequented for years by both locals and tourists until the municipal authorities decided to remove it.

This has been one of the favorites issues in the city, since the summer is coming and for the first time in years will not to be possible for the families to order a fish and drink cold beer seated under a covered area, while the kids have fun in the water.

In fact, Salvador was the only of the major cities on the brazilian coast to allow the barracas. The problem is that, as anywhere else in the country, the beach is a federal area, where is not suppose to have any private construction of any kind.

Salvador’s mayor, João Henrique Carneiro, that until recently was supporting the barraqueiros, apparently changed his mind when the capital of Bahia was appointed as one of the 12 brazilian cities to host the Fifa’s World Cup in 2014. But his opponents accuse him of being, in fact, favoring the real estate’s business, since a new legislation approved the construction of until 18 floor’s buildings in front of the beach, one of the few areas in this poor city that can be occupied for fancy residences.

According to official data, the real estate sector was one of the main contributors to Carneiro’s last electoral campaign, two years ago.  After a judge stated the barracas should be destroyed, it took only three days to the local authorities to overthrow it.

But even though the barracas still putting the mayor in trouble. A dog died last week after being seized by an electric current in the site of one of the old small business. The public servers in charge of remove the material argue that according to legislation they have 90 days to do the job. But the owner of the dog, who was hitted himself, said he’s gonna sue the authorities.

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