Are we Brazilians too talkative, happy and sexily dressed?

Gilson Jorge

The other day I was talking to a group of foreign friends and I mentioned that the City of London prepares a guide to welcome visitors during the Olympic Games in 2012. A humorous text that aims to teach the English people how to deal with cultural differences.

Sitting at a bar table, we laughed with the description of the Brazilians. According to the English guide, we have a different notion of space, we are always smiling and we usually stop repeatedly anyone who tries to talk. Not to mention, for who wrote the guide, the Brazilian women dress too sexy at any time or occasion …

Days later, a saw a German who was with me at the bar and he told me he had never paid attention, but after that conversation he began to realize that he was constantly interrupted while talking to Brazilians. Before he finished the sentence, I said the guide was obviously an exaggeration, especially when it comes to clothes from Brazilian girls.

Okay … in Bahia or Rio even religious women wear bikinis smaller than a hippie in California or any girl Argentine, Peronist or not. Then the conversation went directly to the issue of nudity. The frequent exposure of Brazilian bodies in skimpy clothing leads to some foreign country on the assumption that the carnival feast never ends. And that most of Earth’s population has not seen the skirt student Geisy Arruda wore when she was expelled from her university for indecent behavior …

The widespread belief in other countries that in Brazil everyone can walk naked leads to interesting situations. Last year, an elderly German couple was arrested at airport of Salvador, Bahia, because they decided to change clothes in full lounge before boarding. Approached by the police, they said they believed there was no problem, since they were showing the same stretch of skin that was exposed on the beach.

And in Brazilian beaches, some European girls have already felt on the skin that is not anywhere in the world that you can enjoy the topless without gathering a significant number of unknown men around them… And despite the world-famous national joy, if there is something that can take the smile of a Brazilian girl to disappear from her face is a misinterpretation. Some female friends who live abroad or travel constantly sometimes go through bad times to be confused with sex workers.

Of course that plays against the considerable number of Brazilians of both sexes, who actually makes them living distributing pleasure worldwide. But for a Brazilian girl who just likes to have fun (for free) there always a comparison with women of other nationalities.

And there always culture. What should be sexier? Wearing a Brazilian bikini in Copacabana or go totally nude  in a protest against wearing animal skins? …OK, I’m Brazilian and I will not allow you to answer…

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Fã de Tom Waits, Chico Buarque e Woody Allen, que adora contar histórias do cotidiano
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One Response to Are we Brazilians too talkative, happy and sexily dressed?

  1. I would say world would be much more interesting if we could walk around feeling the cold breeze on our naked bodies. This ideal purity, sustained in time by different minds, is a perfect example of Human inconsistency.

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