State of Bahia awaits environmental permits for construction of railroad

The construction of the East-West railway that will cross the state of Bahia, whose territory is slightly bigger than France, can begin until the 30th of September. That day is the deadline for IBAMA, the environmental agency of the government of Brazil, manifest granting or not the license to start construction.

Confident of approval from IBAMA, the Valec, state enterprise in charge for the railroad, announced it will open on Thursday the envelopes with the proposals from consortia interested in the implementation of the railway line, whose completion is scheduled for 2012. The total cost is estimated in R$ 4.5 billion (just over US$ 2 billion).

The Railroad is part of the Logistics Intermodal Complex South Port, which consists of several enterprises with modal interconnected and interdependent, as the Ilhéus’s Port Public, the terminal for the exclusive use of Bahia Mining (Bamin) and a new airport to be built near Ilhéus.

Apart from iron ore mined in a mine near the town of Caetité, the railway will transport up to Ilhéus, subsequently, the agricultural production of the western region of Bahia, a large producer of soybeans, corn and cotton.

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