Brazil 2014: US$ 500 mi for starting three stadiums

BNDES (brazilian national bank for economic and social development) has approved the first three projects of the program ProCopa Arenas BNDES, created by the bank to finance the construction or renovation of the stadiums hosting matches in 2014. The beneficiaries are the states of Bahia (RS$ 323.6 million), Ceará (RS $ 351.5 million) and Mato Grosso (RS $ 393 million), whose capitals are among the 12 venues of the World Cup in Brazil .

In the case of Bahia, the BNDES financing is $ 323.6 million, which will be used to demolish and rebuild the stadium Octavio Mangabeira, the Fonte Nova.The estimated time for completion of the project is December 2012.

Considering the stages of demolition, construction and operation, the project should generate about 4,200 direct and indirect jobs. Besides the immediate benefit of enabling Salvador as the host city for the next World Cup, the project has the merit of contributing to revitalize the Old Center, an area of the city that goes through a process of degradation.

In Fortaleza, Ceará, the project incorporates the concept of multifunctionality, with the use of modularized installations. This means that the internal spaces can be adapted for use at sporting events and also socio-cultural ones of medium and large size. The complex must also host restaurants, museums, convention halls, cultural centers and commercial establishments.

In Cuiabá, near to the Pantanal, the stadium will have capacity for 42,000 spectators, which qualifies as a potential host for games quarterfinals of the tournament (FIFA rules require a minimum of 40,000 seats). The construction follows the same concept of flexible stage that was used in the designs of the Olympic Basketball Arena and the Olympic Stadium in London, projects built for the 2012 Olympics.

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