Italy presses for extradition of Battisti


The president of the Italy Giorgio Napolitano appealed to the brazilian president Dilma Rousseff for she  to reconsider the decision about the extradition of  the 52 years old ex-political activist Cesare Battisti.  In the mail, Napolitano reiterates the request for the extradition of Battisti.  The letter was sent in the last day 14 – before of the Italian Senate ratify the motion on behalf of the extradition and of the European Parliament reiterate the entreaty of the Italy.

The information were confirmed by the Presidency of the Republic.  Advisors of Dilma informed that the case of Battisti is interpreted by the Italian government as a legal question that does not affect the bilateral relations.  Second the advisory board of the Presidency, the relations between Brazil and Italy are broad and historical. Rousseff still did not answer the mail.

Since 2007, Battisti is maintained prisoner preventively in Brazil in the Papuda’s prison, in Brasilia.  He fled of the Italy route to the France and, in 2004, arrived to the Rio de Janeiro.  In the Italy, the ex-activist  was condemned to the life imprisonment by involvement in four murders.  Ex-integral of the Proletarian group Assembled by the Communism (PAC), he denies all of the crimes that are him attributed.

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