Looking for a place in 2014, and perhaps some fun in the Rio night, Ronaldinho Gaucho is just about to shoot the ball

The first game of Ronaldinho Gaucho with the shirt of Flamengo should happen in little more of a week, in the day 2 of February, when the most popular team of Brazil faces the Unknown Nova Iguacu, by the fifth round of the Guanabara Cup, that also is the first shift of the Rio de Janeiro’s championship. After it to be dazed during years by the regional championship of São Paulo, the richest State of the country, the competition is attracting attention across Brazil graces mainly to two teams.

While Flamengo earned the battle against three others big clubs that will want have the star in their teams – Palmeiras, Corintinhans and Grêmio (that revealed Gaucho) -, Fluminense, historical rival of the the first one, arrives to the competition as a favorite, after to have defeated the last Brazilian championship, title that did not earn since 1984. The conquest of the team, that has between his supporters people like Chico Buarque and Gilberto Gil, brought even more enthusiasm with the soccer of the Rio de Janeiro, city that is going to host to final of the World Cup of 2014 and the Olympic Games of 2016.

Even if it be the previous Brazilian champion, helping to recuperate the hegemony of the soccer of Rio, Flamengo faced grave difficulties last year, when Adriano left the team and went back to Italy. The team escaped from the demotion barely in the last rounds, while saw the rival Fluminense disputing the title with the Corinthians and the Cruzeiro also to the last game. The chance of redemption comes for the feet of the ex-star of the Milan and of the Barcelona, that clearly sees in his return to the Country a chance of come back to the Brazilian Team, after to have been left of outside of the World Cup of South Africa.

But if the constant visits to the europeans nightclubs helped to demolish the reputation of the star and create problems with the coachs, to point of to be liberated easily by the Milan, the choice of a team of the festive city of the Rio de Janeiro throws distrust about the true intentions of the player. If Ronaldinho is going to help Flamengo in order tot earn more titles still is early to know, but doubtless the team already is making money. For the inaugurating of Gaucho, against the small Nova Iguaçu, will be sold over 40 thousand tickets.

Gilson Jorge

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