Prisoners to build stadiums as paid workers in Brazil

Next World Cup is going to give to some Brazilian, that are serving sentences by the crimes they committed, the chance of come back to the society with the possibility of a work in the civil construction. An agreement made between the Brazilian government and the local authorities of the 12 cities that go to host the world cup of2014 foresees that at least 5% of the workers that go raise the stadiums be prisoners. In the State of the Bahia that number is going to be the double, 10%, according to Terra Networks.

A meeting in the near Thursday between representatives of the Justice that coordinate in Bahia the “Começar de Novo”, which means start again, in the Bahia, the Secopa (Secretary for matters of the Cup in the State of Bahia) and of the Ecopa (office for matters of the Cup in the City of Salvador) will define the details of the agreement.

Before defining who will be elegible, however, there will have a rigorous evaluation whose is able to and, mainly, who is going to be contemplated with the job. A group formed by social workers, lawyers and psychologists is going to select the workers coming from the prisons.

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