Battisti: Brazil does not believe in Hague’s intervention

Brazil does not take seriously the threat of that Italy would appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Hague for obtain the extradition of Cesare Battisti, Italian citizen defendant of participation in four deaths in the 1970’s years, as reported by Felipe Recondo, of the newspaper Estado de São Paulo. According to the reporting, jurists of the government and the own one STF, maximum organ of the Brazilian justice, consider that Hague does not have competence for judge the case.

Last year, the STF authorized the extradition of Battisti, but left the decision in charge of the then president Lula, that in his last workday opted for do not extradite the Italian, by consider that there was risk of political pursuit in his country. This year, the case come back to the justice that must be manifested again about the fate of Battisti in the next month.

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