A thief, a chief and his fake watch

Wellington Oliveira, 30 years, could be a free man now if he had not perceived that the clock that he had just stolen fwas fake.  He and his accomplice assaulted a chief in the night of this Wednesday, in Salvador, Bahia.  With a gun, the two threatened of death the victim, that was not identified by the police.
In order to saving his life and get rid of the assailants, the cook delivered everything what had, clock, money, wallet with documents and credit cards.  But neither like this he could be left alone.

Wellington, that according to the police was under the effect of drugs, was not satisfied after have stolen all of the belongings of his victim and decided to analyze the clock. Once, he figured out it was fake he returned it to the owner, that found the police as soon as he was freeded by the criminals.

One of them escaped, but Wellington that was totally crazy, stayed in a soccer field nearby the site of the robbery and was quickly located by the police.

About Gilson Jorge

Fã de Tom Waits, Chico Buarque e Woody Allen, que adora contar histórias do cotidiano
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