João Gilberto could face eviction for weird behavior

The owner of a luxurious apartment in the expensive neighborhood of the Leblon, in the Rio de Janeiro, decided to drive out a 79 years old tenant, that pays punctually its rent since 1996, currently around US$ 5.000 monthly. The motive is the supposedly strange behavior of this old gentleman, that hardly goes out of home and leaves nobody enter, not even the workers hired by the administration of the building for doing scheduled reforms.

It would be an irrelevant and absolutely vulgar history if the tenant would not to be the consecrated Brazilian singer João Gilberto, that does everything that is possible for be maintained outside of the highlights of the press, as ordering food daily by telephone and require that the taxi driver come in in the garage of the building for collect him in the few times that he leaves his residence.

But the more João makes an effort for be maintained in the shadow, the more finishes becoming aim of the reporters. So, the notice of eviction gained attention of Brazilian newspapers and websites this friday.

That it is one more history that consolidate the legend the singer, that used to discuss with the audience and it abandon the stage during a presentation by receiving boos or because the air conditioning is not working at the level he considers apropriated for the guitar’s strings. This time, however, the complaint does not came of someone that had paid for a ticket and saw the singer disobey to his part in the contract.
In spite of pay correctly the rent, João can be forced to leave the apartment in that have been living for 15 years for do not permit the entrance of workers that should make reforms in the structure of building. Apparently, a window is about to fall down for lack of maintenance.

By the way, one of the many histories that involves the singer says that after stay enclosed days in his apartment with the singer, his loved cat would have taken advantage of a rare moment in that João would have open the window for jump desperately for outside of the apartment. Perhaps the cat was not a huge fan of bossa nova.

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Fã de Tom Waits, Chico Buarque e Woody Allen, que adora contar histórias do cotidiano
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