Ronaldinho counts the days for using Flamengo’s shirt

Next Wednesday, February 2, Ronaldinho Gaucho is going to enter in the lawn of the stadium Engenhão with the black and red colored t-shirt number 10 of the Flamengo, the same that was used by Zico. It is going to be the first match from one of the greatest footballers in the last decades in the uniform immortalized by the greatest idol of the history of the club.

“I am counting the days”, affirmed Gaucho in the official website of Flamengo. And they are barely 5 days for his first party in a Brazilian team since 2001, when was he transfered for the Paris St Germain, of the France, at the age of 21.

After he charmed the world with an amazing playing and fantastic goals, as when he covered English goalkeeper in the Brazilian victory over England by 2×1, in 2002 World Cup, former player of Barcelona and Milan alternated genial moments with mediocre actions, leading technicians and sports journalists to pu the blame on his agitated nightlife fort his fall of performance.

Upon explaining to the site as he is preparing the return of the star, the Flamengo’s coach, Wanderley Luxemburgo said that the team is going to dispute two training games with younger player’s teams of the of the own club. “We will have a game tomorrow and another on Monday. I am going design the possibilities that I have to insertt Ronaldinho”, said “Luxa”, as also is known the vanish coach that already worked in Brazilian team and Real Madrid.

The party is barely ready and Flamengo waits over 40,000 supporters in the game of Wednesday against the unknown Nova Iguaçu, by the fifth round of the regional championship of the Rio de Janeiro. Ready for using Flamengo’s shirt, after a stressful bargaining by his name that involved others three big Brazilian teams (Grêmio, Palmeiras and Corinthians), Ronaldinho affirmed to be lively. “I know about the difficulty that am going to find and that’s why I am finding prepare myself well for inaugurate with a good action”, said

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