Now just a soccer’s fan, Lula goes to the stadium to support his beloved Corinthians

It is impossible to know if the former Brazilian president Lula still linked to the power in Brasilia, as some Brazilian journalists sustain. But the fact is that while the new president, Dilma Rousseff, was preparing herself for going to the Argentina, in her first official journey to abroad, Lula looked very happy by being back to a soccer stadium for accompany his loved team, Corinthians, in a match against the unknown São Bernardo, the team of the city in that the old metallurgist began envolved with politics during the military dictatorship.

And where he lives since left the presidency. By the way, was in this same stadium where he commanded the strike that totally stopped the rich region of the ABC (for saints André, Bernardo and Caetano do Sul), in the decade of 1980.

Dressed with a special t-shirt with the colors of the Corinthians, in a half, and of the São Bernardo, in the another and with his high popularity (his was more besieged than the biggest world football’s stars, Lula spent a considerable time waving to Corinthians supporters/his voters and expressed a typical desire of a politician. He wanted tthe game between the his two dear teams to finish tied.

A special concession for a man that, says the legend, was capable of interrupt official commitments of the presidency for watching the Corinthians’s games. In one of those occasions, he would have finished more early an assembly of his candidate Dilma Rousseff in Curitiba, during the election campaign, for seeins a game of the so called “Timão” by the TV.

Lula is happy. He can drink beer as much he wantsr, curse and do everything what he was not be able to do (although did in any case) during he last eight years in that he was commanding Brazil. No worries over Egypt’s situation. And, to boot, when looked like Corinthians would have its first defeat of the year, fairly under the eyes of Lula, the Peruvian attacker Luíz Ramírez set right a strong kick by the 35 minutes of the second half and did 2×2. A tie, as asked for the former president.

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