Ronaldinho starts making history at Flamengo today

Ronaldinho uses for the first time Flamengo's jersey/Photo: Lancenet

After hiring Ronaldinho, the president of Flamengo, former olympic swimmer Patrícia Amorim, stated recently that intends that her team reach the same level of the Barcelona. Exaggerations by side, the history of the most popular team of the country of the soccer can begin changing today, 10 p.m. (Brasilia’s time) when that star enter in the field accompanied of others 10 “rubro-negros” to face Nova Iguaçu by the Guanabara Cup.

All the barely 40.000 for the game were sold and few times the supporters of the Flamengo were so lively as much as now since the times when Zico used the t-shirt number 10. So lively that the arrival of the star to Rio, a month ago, made many Flamengo’s supporters even forget the landslides that killed over 850 people (still there are many missing) in some cities of the State of Rio. For the most fanatic supporters of the team, the inauguration of Ronaldinho today is the only issue that matters.

The level of the Barcelona still is far from to be reached, but for the standards of the Brazilian soccer the coach of Flamengo, Wanderley Luxemburgo, has a cast of midfielders and center-forwards to make envy the adversaries.

If does not have a Messi, as the Catalonian team, Flamengo also has an Argentine player in its plantel: Bottinelli, a promising youth revealed by the San Lorenzo that already played Mexico. Another star at disposal of the coach is Thiago Neves, 25, that was successful playing in one of the greatest Flamengo’s rivals, Fluminense, played in the Germany, in the Saudi Arabia and already make the red-black nation happy upon marking a great goal in the another big rival of the team, Vasco, last Sunday. Anddon’t forget talent os the young players Vander and Wanderley.

But the big star of the night, doubtless, is Ronaldinho. And in spite of already have experienced this sensation many times, including in two World Cups, the Brazilian star knows that the history that he begins writing today in the Rio de Janeiro is fundamental for him and for the team.

For him, because it is the chance of come back to the Brazilian selection and it be able to play the Cup in his own country. And for Flamengo that, as its president said, dreams some day have an international projection similar to the Barcelona’s one.

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