Salvador launches its campaign to host FIFA 2014’s opening game

First city to be the capital of Brazil, Salvador launched today a national advertising campaign claiming the right of carry out the game of opening of the World Cup of 2014. The city, that is the second tourist fate of the country, after the Rio de Janeiro, where will be disputed the final party, competes mainly with Brasilia and São Paulo by the right to open the cup. “The first kick, the first dribble, the first goal should be in Salvador”, says the jingle of the campaign.

Salvador has as an advantage the fact of, among the 12 cities-host of the cup, is where the works for the construction of the stadium are more advanced and also havong a reasonable quantity of hotels.

But, beyond São Paulo be the strongest candidate to the opening, for being the most important city of the country,  the capital of the Bahia still must defeat a series of obstacles for host a game of the World Cup, be the opening one or not.

The most greatest of all of the problems looks to be the construction of a system of public transport that permit quickly moving back and forth in the city.  The subway, that began it to be built 14 years ago, has barely 6 km built and still there is not signs of that is going to be operating to the beginning of the cup.

By that, the local authorities opted for implement an alternative system, that foresees the construction of exclusive special roads for bus (Bus Rapid Transport, BRT), whose works should begin this year.  But, as the politicians obtained to arrive on time for the party of launching of the campaign this morning, it can be that nobody is being so much concerned with the traffic.

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