The real Elite Squad is ready to occupy charming and violent Santa Teresa’s neighborhood in Rio

Surrounded by favelas and under the threats of violent gangs of drugdealers, the charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa, in the Rio de Janeiro, where the singer Amy Winehouse was recently lodged, must become a safer place in the next months. That because the police announced the presence of the UPPs (Units of Pacifying Police) in the nine hills that surround the neighborhood.

The UPPs already were installed in more of ten favelas of Rio and, apparently, has obtained to reduce the cases of violence related to the drug trafficking. Those units earned notoriety last year when polices of the UPPs invaded the famous Complexo do Alemão, with the help of the Brazilian Army and of the Bope, unit of police of the Rio de Janeiro that stayed famous with the Elite Squad film.

The scenes of TV showing traffickers fleeing with his weapons gave to the inhabitants of Rio the sensation of that the fight against the traffic is achieving good results. Now, the police is prepared for repeat the experience in the hill of SantaTeresa.

In interview to the UOL News, the commander of the first battalion of military police of Rio, Ranulfo Brandão, declared that the troops are ready and just waits the OK of the authorities for occupying the nine favelas in the central region of the city.

About Gilson Jorge

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