Ronaldinho scores for the first time in Flamengo, but young Negueba celebrates more than him

When Ronaldinho shot a penalty at the 24 minutes of the first half today, looked like a victory over Boa Vista team would be pretty easy. More when David made the second goal in the second half. But things got really complicated when the local team tied the game and even had a chance to make a third goal and delay Flamengo’s classification to semifinals of Guanabara Cup.

In his second time with the Flamengo’s t-shirt, Ronaldinho was not that great and even recieved his first yelloe card in competition for a violent fault. When the supporters were already worrried, the young Negueba, in his first professional game after he made, in January 25, the goal the guaranteed Flamengo’s victory in a juniors national competition, entered in camp replacing forward David and made the goal of the victory and also the classification one.

At first, Negueba, 18, whose real name is Guilherme, was not that happy with the given nickname but was convinced by Flamengo’s coach Wanderley Luxemburgo to keep it, for considering an authentic Brazilian football player nickname, like Pelé, Zico, Kaká among many others.

Nowadays, players prefer formal names like Thiago Neves, Felipe Melo and Julio Cesar. Even if it was not that happy with the way mates call him, the young Negueba accpeted the advice of Luxemburgo and certainly was pretty happy of hearing Flamengo’s supporters celebrating his name. Even if it was not Guilherme.

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