Brazil could earn US$ 1,5 bi yearly exporting enriched uranium, says newspaper

According to Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo, the country is ready to sell enriched uranium for nuclear dams. China, South Korea and France are listed by the daily as nations interested in buy it from Brazil, whose uranium’s reserves are among the biggest in the world.

Besides Brazil, only United States and Russia are both uranium producers and detainers of the technology to enrich it.

According to journalist Marta Salomon, from Estado de São Paulo, an unpublished study about the feasability of the enrichment of uranium in Brazil, made by the Office of the secretary of Strategic Matters of the Presidency of the Republic (SAE, for its acronym in portuguese) and by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) strongly recommends the exportation of the enriched uranium excesses output for the exportation and esteem that the country would be able to invoice US$ 1.5 billion yearly in that market. Only China could purchase it for the 30 nuclear dams in construction overthere.

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