Native Brazilians to send protest against Belo Monte’s dam

Belo Monte's dam site in the State of Pará, Brazilian Amazon. Source: Notícias da Amazônia

Brazilian native leaders are going to deliver tomorrow to the President Dilma Rousseff a document with over 500.000 signatures against the construction of the hydroelectric dam of Belo Monte, in the Amazonia, reports Luana Lourenço, from Agência Brasil.

“I came for speak that we are against, that will not want Belo Monte. If the government was able to hear me, I’ll want to say that build not the factory”, said the leader of the tribe kayapó, the famous chief Raoni, before participating of the opening of the seminary The Hydroelectric of Belo Monte and the Native Question.

“We do not have more space. You [white men] already took to count of all the lands. The government should leave the Indians where the Indians are. I want that rivers and forests stay to for my grandsons and I am going to fight for that”.

The polemics around the construction of Belo Monte lasts over 20 years. In spite of the resistance of environmental and native leaders, the project should turn real. In January, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) granted a license of partial installation that authorizes the construction of the flowerbed and other prep works for the hydroelectric.

Last year, even film director James Cameron and her Avatar’s protagonist Sigourney Weaver joined protests against the dam, while in Brazil to promote the movie, whose production and also ehxibition demands a lot of energy.

According to the Eletrobras, state-owned company that manages the electric system in Brazil, the project of the hydroelectric one of Belo Monte is one of the best options for the enlargement of the park Brazilian generator by permit big output of energy and present a very favorable condition of integration with the national electric system. Ten years ago, Brazil had serious problems in the supply of energy and several areas of the country stayed in the dark daily continued.

The construction of this dam was an allegedly reason for former Brazilian Minister of Environment, Marina Silva, to resign, abandon Lula’s party, PT, in which she nad been engaged for 30 years, and later decided to run for Presidency. In January 28, almost a month since Dilma Rousseff,’s inauguration, Silva stated for Terra Magazine website that “still remains a shadow of political pressure over environmental linked Brazilian servers.

But Besides, environmental issues, Brazilian Government’s oppositers have concerns about economical feasibility of the dam. In his website, Deputy Rodrigo Maia stated that private investors were put apart from the project and that in case of insucess the bill will be paid with the money of taxes.

Curiously, when the lights were shut down for over four hours in the Northeast region, after a human failure on the system, oppositers also criticized the lack of investiments in energy. The episody also proved that in spite of beauty of a starred sky in a night with no lights almost nobody nowadays is willing to live without television, computers and everything demands energy. Even watching Avatar or criticize the government in a internet forum.

As it looks by now, Belo Monte is going to be built. Even because in a five years term, 2005 to 2009, the sales of electronics in Brazil increased from 9 millions to 20 millions as published by newspaper Folha de S. Paulo last may, 11. It mean more energy, it means more dams. It mean more damage. The challenge is how keep the energy supply in a country that grows faster than ever without impact to much in the nature, if it is somehow posible.

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