Brazilian mining sector to invest US$64,8 bi in the next five years

From Pedro Pedruzzi, Agência Brasil

Brazil will have US$ 64.8 billion available in private investments for mining between 2011 and 2015. Two thirds of the investments will be of national capital. The information is of the President of the Brazilian Institute of Mining (Ibram), Paulo Camillo Penna.

According to the Department of Mines and Energy, the investments predicted in research mineral for expansion or discovery of deposits, and in mining and transformation mineral total up US$ 350 billions until 2030 – big part of those resources turn of the private enterprise.

The facts were presented a short while before of the beginning of the disclosure of the National Plan of Mining 2030. According to the director of the National Department of Mineral Output (DNPM), Miguel Nery, the plan is based on three directives: governance sector, sustainability and sustainable growth through the supply of raw materials for the manufacturing industry and of the technology lodger value. “The plan will appoint the measures that will be supported by the government”, said Nery.

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