Brazilian State of Alagoas as dangerous as most violent country in the world

The State of Alagoas had a homicides rate during the year of 2010 equivalent to El Salvador, considered the most violent country of the world. Across the last year, were recorded 71 murders by each 100,000 inhabitants in that Brazilian State. That number did not include the murders motivated by robbery. According to World Health Organization (WHO), violence is epidemic when there is at least 10 homicides for each 100,000 inhabitants.

Poor and with long tradition of violence in the countryside, Alagoas never was a safe State. But the authorities are impressed with the vigorous growth of the violence in such a little time. In 1999, the  total of homicides  was of 552. Last year, 2,226. In interview to the UOL, the sociologist Julio Jacobo, author of the study, affirmed that there are different causes for the increase of the violence in the State, including the migration of gangs of Rio and of São Paulo for Alagoas.

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