Dilma Rousseff must decide over aircrafts until July

US Secretary of Treasure Timothy Geithner meets Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Brasília/Photo: Jose Cruz-ABr



President Dilma Rousseff should decide until next July which company is going to supply Brazilian Air Force with the new military aircrafts, affirms journalist Roberto Godoy, of the newspaper Estado de São Paulo. The dispute enolve Boeing, from United States, the French Dassault and to Saab, from Sweden.

As opposed to his predecessor Lula, that publicly manifested its preference by the French planes, Rousseff did laudatory comments to the American aircrafts, considered by the Brazilian militaries “the bigger war’s machine of the world.”

Upon receiving in Brasilia in the last Monday the secretary of the treasure of the United States, Timothy Geithner, Rousseff make it clear that the game is not determined on behalf of the French, as looked during the last months of the mandate of Lula. But jointly with the praises that have deed to the planes of the Boeing, the new President adjusted also the hope of that the United States do a better offering as regards to the transference of technology, factor that interests Brazil, that future would be able to become a competitor in that market.

The arrangement in do a limitless transference of technology, by the way, was one of the factors that caused Dassault to take an apparent advantage to the eyes of Lula.

Upon to be criticized by defend the French choice and by a supposed anti-Americanism, Lula used to say that treated, basically, of a political option. Apparently less political than Lula, Dilma has received praises of the Brazilian newspapers by show independence in the trial of choice of the military aircrafts.

Styles by side, the Brazilian government is using its huge power of bargain for try to obtain more advantages. Be a smaller price by the Rafaele’s French producer, be a bigger transference of technology on the part of the manufacturers of the Hornet. After all, this business can reach US$ 6 billions.

The Brazilian options are:

F-18 Super Hornet
Model is manufactured by the US Boeing. Has reach of 2.3 thousand km. Basic price is of US$ 55.2 millions

French model is manufactured by the Dassault Aviation. Has reach of 1.8 thousand km. Basic price is of US$ 56 millions


Model offered by the swedish company Saab. Has reach of 4 thousand km. Basic price is of US$ 50 millions

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