Divorced, Alexandre Pato may loose more than a game to France

Pato signifies Duck in Portuguese. And in Brazil there is a popular expression called “pay for the duck”, that is applied for someone unjustly blamed for something. Therefore friends of the young player Alexandre Pato, attacker of Milan and of the Brazilian Team can find that he is “paying the duck” by the early end of his marriage with the Brazilian actress Steffany Brito.

In 7 of July of 2009, Pato, then a boy of 19 years and already living in the Italy, and Steffany, with 21, got married in one of the more rung parties of Brazil in that year. The two remained joined for nine months and 13 days.
With the end of the love, came the problems.

And Steffany decided to appeal to the justice asking a pension to the ex-husband of Us$ 40,000 monthly, around 20% of the salary of the player by that time. The justice considered the request exaggerated and set the value of the pension in US$ 3,000.

Steffany still asks for more, about US$ 30,000, exactly. In an conciliatory audience carried out yesterday, Pato’s lawyer asked for another trial date, once his client was abroad. More specifically in Paris, a perfect place for honeymoons, and also for France beat Brazil again as did yesterday.

As oppose to Brazil’s Coach, Mano Menezes, the Brazilian judge in charge for the process of divorce tought Pato’s presence was not so important. Pato lost in Paris by 0-1. In Brazil, the result must be known yet, but if Pato had made a score yesterday maybe there will br more sympathy for his case of divorce among soccer friends.

His ex-wife,Steffany, is an actress that started her career in teh Argentine TV Show Chiquititas, that made considerable sucess in Brazil. But, before getting the role of her life as Pato’s spouse, she became better known in the soap opera “The Clone” as Shalia, a muslim girl the dreamt to be like her western friends. If the judge decides in her favor, maybe her friends will dream about being like her.

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