Brazil, Argentina against to set prices of commodities

Great agricultural and mineral producers, Brazil and Argentina go for the meeting of the G20 next week, in Paris, with the same position: say no to the idea that is necessary set prices for the commodities. Today in São Paulo the ministers of the Economy of the two countries, Guido Mantega, of Brazil, and Amado Boudou, of the Argentina affirmed that the best way to control the raise of inflation is not to set the prices of the sustenances, but stimulate the production.

After the meeting of today, Mantega said that there are proposals of other nations for regulating the market of commodities through the quotation in the stock exchange. Those proposals aim to fight the increase of prices of the basic products, as iron ore and soy and, like this, hold the inflation.

“We are big exporters of commodities and, therefore, we have a position about what should not be done”, affirmed.  “If there is something we must do is stimulate the output, do not inhibit”, said Mantega.

The Argentine minister ratified the opinion of the Brazilian colleague.  “The argument cannot pass for the regulation of prices of the commodities not at all”, declared Boudou.

Source: Agência Brasil

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