“Good cops aren’t alone”, says Rio’s Secretary of Security after 22 cops being arrested

Twenty and eight people most of them cops, were arrested today in Rio during an operation against police corruption. The suspicious are accused of involvement with the drug trafficking, illegal commerce of weapons and others crimes. Among them, 22 are policemen and six acted like informers of criminal groups.

Upon presenting the results of the operation today morning, in the Rio’s headquarters of the Federal Police, the Secretary of Security of the State, José Mariano Beltrame, commented the involvement of polices with the crime. “The militias are being fought, and will continue being. I find that it cannot be good for the institution in a first moment, but we are not here for saying what is good or bad, we are here for showing resultsfor the population. I find also that the good cops polices are not alone”, affirmed.

Seventeen suspicious still are fugitives from justice. The operation, that count with 580 agents of the Federal Police, was decided in 2009, after a trafficker of drugs escaped from the prison in the city of Macaé, thanks to an information leaked by someone in the police.

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