Researchers promise wine made from a tropical fruit

Umbu, a cheap fruit abundant in the State of Bahia could produce wine

If you visit Brazil in the next years and will want to experience a typical beverage different from traditional caipirinha, is possible that the waiter offer a wine of umbu. It’s not a Brazilian grape that is going to compete with the malbec of the Argentine neighbors.

But a tropical fruit abundant in the country of the following World Cup and that is a lot consumed in form of juice, ice cream and jam. So far, the only way of utilization of the umbu with alcohol is the umburoska, an adapted version of the caipirinha, that uses that fruit in the place of the lemon and vodka replacing the cachaça.

But a researcher of the Federal University of Bahia guarantees that do wine from the umbu can be an excellent business, specially for the small producers of the State of the Bahia, that concentrates 90% of the national output of the fruit. The sale of a kilo of umbu in natura yields to the producers approximately US$ 0.50.

According to the food engineer Breno de Paula, responsible for the research, with a kilo of umbu is possible to produce to 4 liters of wine. If each bottle is sold by US$ 5, the farmers would be able to profit US$ 20 with the same quantity of the fruit.
“The product is already developed. They lack small settlements for a perfectquality”, affirmed the engineer in interview to the reporter Alana Gandra, of the Agênca Brasil.

The tests were deeds in a laboratory of the National Service of Industrial Learning, in the city of Vassouras, State of Rio de Janeiro. With the end of the research, the near pace will be the elaboration of studies more detailed about the economic feasability of the new product, for size up the return of the investment . Raw material is not a problem . De Paulo estimates that the farmers trade barely 1% of the output of umbu, that is easily perishable.

Is not clear yet if that product tastes in a way that should be called wine, but in the future visitors in Brazil can take a new tropical flavour as a souvenir.

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