Argentina, US face diplomatic crisis over military material

It was suppose to be a regular course of training in rescue offered by American Army to the Argentine soldiers. But it became grave diplomatic crisis between the two countries after the Argentine government confiscated supposedly not declared stuff that was in the plane, including weapons and morphine. The incident happened in the late past week, but the crisis blew out today with strong public statements d Minister of the Foreign Relations of the Argentina, Héctor Timerman, and of the subrsecretary of State of the United States, Arturo Valenzuela, an American of Chilean origin.

The United States canceled the course and required the immediate return of the stuff apprehended. Second Valenzuela, there was an excessive reaction from the Argentine authorities and the drugs and weapons were destined to use during the course. Timmerman, however, insists that the United States refused to explain why the apprehended material was not declared.

United States and Argentina kept  good  diplomatic relations unitl the government of the President Carlos Menem, in the decade of 1990, when an Argentine diplomat  even classified of “carnal relations” the relationship between the two countries.  After the economic crisis of 2001, when the country did not receive support from the United States for renegotiate his external debt, there was a distance between the two countries.  The president of the United States, Barack Obama, did not include Argentina in his journey to the Latin America, next march, passing by Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.

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