An Amazing Running in the Streets of Salvador

If a 38 years old lady were going to dispute a 2 kilometers running with a boy of 18 who would arrive first? And if that boy had begun running before. .. would you bet for whom? The boy, that just had stolen a golden shackle from the woman had no doubt of that in few minutes he would disappear and let her behind. Probably, he neither believed that the victim would go after him. But he was unarmed and she is a marathonist.

They met in the dowtown of Salvador, Bahia, as the woman was leaving her car and felt a hand grabbing her neck. The movement of the guy’s shirt waved by the wind, as he fled, indicated that he had no gun in the waist and so she starterd running. After few minutes, as the guy felt he would be reached decided to swallow the object.

The police came and took him to the hospital where a radiography confirmed the shackle was in his belly. The two profesional runners, an athlet and a thief, had to wait patiently until the laxative would make its effects.

About Gilson Jorge

Fã de Tom Waits, Chico Buarque e Woody Allen, que adora contar histórias do cotidiano
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