Brazil to Create Watering Office

Ramon Rodrigues must coordinate watering lands works across Brazil for the next four years/ Photo: Marcello Casl Jr.-ABr

Brazil is going to water 250 thousand hectares of land in the near four years.  The task would be performed by private companies under the orientation of the future National Office of Watering.  The Brazilian Government is going to increase the rural productivity and at the same time create more jobs in the sector.

It estimates  that for create a job through watering land is necessary invest around US$ 10.000, much less than costs the creation of a job in the industry, US$ 44,000.  “Watering is a fundamental factor to the country for increasing the agricultural output, beyond creating jobs, combating the poverty and contribute for setting  man in the field.  Factors that help to contain the population increase in the peripheries of the big urban centers.”, affirmed to the Agência Brasil  expert Ramon Rodrigues, valued for assume the secretary.

Brazil has around 30 millions of available hectares for watering, specially in the Northeast, Center-West and South regions.  And the eradication of the misery was a commitment assumed by the President Dilma Rousseff, during the election campaign.

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