Brazilian Judge Investigated for Corruption Makes Witchcraft Against Others Judges

Abandoned by Law, judge Liberato Povoas, from the Court of Justice of the small state of Tocantins, appealed to the black magic for be protected of the charges of corruption that comes suffering. Povoas that is accused, among other things, of getting money from people accused of crimes in order to do not condemn-them, would have ordered a ritual of witchcraft with the names of his colleagues of court and of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, in Brasilia, that would be able to take judicial measures against him.

In an email of the judge intercepted by the Federal Police, he informs the names and birthdate of four appeals court judges and five judges of the STJ that investigated him and asks a man called Reinaldo to “surround them”. “If do you have some expenses, do it . It is very important to me to close the body”, says Povoas in the message. To close the body is a mistic expression that means to protect itself. In a report about the case, a judge of the STJ refers to “black magic”. Povoas, that is accused also of censure news against politicians connected to him during the last elections, is out of his position since December. The history was  first published by newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

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