Obama May Bring 1,000 People During His Visit to Brazil

Over 1,000 American citizens asked Brazilian visa for accompany the visit of the President Barack Obama to the country, in March, 19 and 20. The group include 150 journalists, that are going to follow Obama in his meeting with the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and afterwards his passage by the Rio de Janeiro, in the Sunday, 20. There will be also ministers, politicians and business people.

According to Agência Brazil, Rousseff and Obama should sign at least ten bilateral agreements. One of them must define a commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries in the molds of the that Brazil has with the Swiss and that the United States keep with the Uruguay.

By that commercial agreement, will be softenned or even eliminated the sanitary barriers for products, as fruits and meat. But will not have suspension of tariffs about that goods.

According to the data informed by Brazilian authorities, the president of the United States should visit one of the shanty towns of the city that were recently occupied by the police and that showed a diminish in violence’s record. Obama also should do a talk for the public in a not defined place. Besides Brazil, the American president goes to Chile and El Salvador in its trip for Latin America.

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