500,000 Brazilians Have Problems With Crack

President Dilma Rousseff as she talks about the war on crack/ Photo- Antonio Cruz, ABr

The same day President Dilma Rousseff said the country must face a war without quarters against the crack, a pioneer research published today for a Brazilian university shows that crack’s users must spend much more time in jail than in treatment. A social tragedy that hits over 500,000 Brazilians, according to an unofficial study.

As Rousseff invited the country to join the battle, she said the “big challenge of the crack is that does not exist, in the whole world, a collection of knowledge and methodologies for its handling”. It is just what appointed the study made for Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp, for its acronym in portuguese).

The researsch, the longed 12 years, shows that the average time spent in treatment, among 107 users, were three monts, while the time as prisoners would be a year and eight months, medium. During the time of the research, 13 users were serving sentence, two were missed and 27 died, being 15 of them killed.

“It (the results) lead us to question the repressive policy for the users of the drug, when the question should be treated as a problem of public health”, affirms researcher of the Unifesp, Andréa Costa Dias, responsible by the study.

Both, the research and President’s speech, shows that in fact authorities have no idea on how to deal with the drug question, beyond fighting drug dealers. A recent campaign carried out by the Government of State of Bahia caused a certain scandal in the public by stating that the end of drugs users would be whether jail or grave.

What was a realistic message from the point of view of the people who made the campaign was faced by some mothers as an advice that the cops will not think twice in the approach on drug related people. As shown by the research the only way of getting out of crack’s adiction have been self decision.

63% of users, according to the study, are 15 up to 24 years old. And usually decide to stop dopping motivated by a job, entering in the university, finding a significant other, pregnancy or a religion. But study shows the chances of jail or grave come first are not insignificant.

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