Since You Are Too Busy to Making Friends Personally Would You Have Time to Keep a Relantionship With Someone You’ve Met Online?

After her Facebook’s account reached 330 facefriends, a 37 years old american woman decided that, this year, she will try to know personally everyone that she knows only online. ArLynn Leiber Presser explained to the website Winnetka-Glencoe Patch that she started on Facebook to control the her sons and then got virtually in touch with a lot of people. And she’s planning to hug all of them some time. Which is a good thing, since she has money and time do travel do Alaska, Mexico, Turkey, India and South Korea.

But most of people seems to be searching new people online just because doesn’t have this time available. Reporting from Washington, Brazilian journalist Carla Ruas wrote for website Terra that last Valentine’s Day, the Universty of Oxford released a study showing that 23% of young americans have already started a romantic relationship with someone found in the pages of Zoosk, Kikini, Match, Okcupid and some others websites dedicated to make people get close faster with their significant others.

The main reason for using this websites, if someone should justify it, is that they have no time enough to have a social life that allows them to know new, interesting people. The note shows there’s a lot of sucessful examples of people that even got married. Of course these websites make shorter the way to a good companion. Without ask a question you can see if the person wantsto have children, the favourite bands, if your posible new friend like to make radical sports or prefer spend the day in a café.

You can discuss whether it is as interesting and passionate as crossing by chance with someone beautiful while you’re distributing an alternative newspapers in a language’s school. Newspapers are also kind of old thing nowadays. But you can’t deny that searching on internet makes the process pretty dynamic. And if you don’t like the person can just remove its profile. If you live in a big city probrably will neve have an embarrasing experience of met this rejected people in the streets. And you don’t have to wait your whole life desiring to meet someone special in a train until realize you’re not Ethan Hawke or Julie Delpy and possibly don’t live in Paris.

But if the time is a big question to know someone, how to manage a relationship in a technological way?. There’s a lot of things you can do together in front of a computer, like sharing and commenting photos from an amazing trip or with all the nice things you can do in your own town. But, wait, do you have time for an amazing trip? And now that you have to manage your busy time with the busy time of you partner is it easier to go a bar?

Well, anyone can decide the way to make friends or dating. But looks interesting to observe how we are changing the way we relate with each other. Sometimes we can even know by the Facebook that we are no longer in a relationship.

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