Bahia’s Governor Defends New Railway, Port

Trying to superimpose himself to the criticisms whose differs from the construction of a new port, in the locality of Ponta da Tulha, near to Ilhéus, the Governor of the Bahia, Jaques Wagner, did today a proclamation inviting all the Bahians to unite them around this work and also of the railway West East.

“It is the biggest construction of the last decades in term of logistics because it will be practically the redemption of the output of the Bahia’s West and will bring also along the 1.1 thousand kilometres of railway, many news, new companies and agricultural projects”, declared the governor during his weekly radio show, aired by an state-owned radio station.

Much of the criticism over the port comes from environmental activisties and artists that foresee a huge destruction in a tropical rainforest area still preserved, as so imprevisble impacts on human and animal life, including the sea life, once this is a projected offshore port.

But Bahia’s Governor denies such evil impact quoting the environmental studies made before the project was approved. Wagner said he understands the environmental concerns, but also see comercial interests, since the State of Bahia is disputing with its neighbors states the destiny of most the agricultural production from  Brazilian Center West in its way to export. The railway will transport commodities as soy, cotton and minerals from Barreiras and Caetité regions until the port.

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