Five Building Arenas to Be Used Only for a Week

Upon choosing 12 cities to host the games of World Cup of 2014, the Brazilian government considered the opportunity of supply those places with infraestructure works that may improve the life of its inhabitants, even after the final party in the Rio de Janeiro.

Billions of dollars will be spent, by example, with the system of public transportation, a serious problem in barely all the big Brazilian cities, that can be brightened up us near years.

But for receiving investments in roads, subway and bus, five cities must have to build stadiums that practically will not have utility after the compettion. In Brasilia, Cuiabá, Natal and Manaus simply there are not big teams of soccer, capable of fill the stadiums.

And in Recife, one of the main cities of the country and that has three traditional teams, the decision of build in a new stadium in the molds of the Fifa looks an exaggeration for a city where the teams of Sport, Náutico and Santa Cruz have already its own arena each.

That it is one of the conclusions of the report that should be published in this Wednesday, 2, at, a website maintained by the National Union of the Companies of Architecture and Consultative Engineering (Sinaenco, for its acronym in portuguese), with the objective of allowing Brazilian citizens to control the budgets and schedules of works for the next World Cup of Brazil.
The website also shows that the works of the new stadiums of three of those cities (Brasilia, Cuiabá and Manaus) also faced, in some moment, difficulties for their budget to be approved by the TCU, organ of the Brazilian justice in charge of the inspection of the expenses of the government. Something that ocurred with the works of the Maracanã, in Rio, and with the stadium of Fortaleza. Source: Agência Brazil.

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