Belo Horizonte, or Just Beagá

First planned city of Brazil, Belo Horizonte was inaugurated in 1897 and became a metropolis with broad avenues, streets planted with trees and unusual architectural lines – highlight for the assemblies of the Plaza of the Liberty and of the Pampulha. The capital of the State of Minas Gerais is charming and pleasant for walks. Another strong point of the city is the the nightlife. Belo Horizonte possesses over 14 thousand bars, biggest per capita average between the Brazilian capitals. The city is also known as BH (pronnounced Beagá)

Belo Horizonte offers a great regional food restaurants net, with the delicious typical plates, as leitão à pururuca, tutu de feijão(bean), canjiquinha with costelinha de porco, vaca atolada(prepared with rib of ox and manioc), feijão (bean) tropeiro and chicken to the brown sauce. For the dessert, candies of guava, milk, pumpkin and papaya, that are always very well accompanied by white cheese – another local delicacy.

Area: 330,954 km2

Population: 2,400.000 (2010)

Main Football teams: Atlético, Cruzeiro, América

Source: Brazilian Ministery of Tourism

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