Cuiabá, Very Close to Pantanal

Founded by Portuguese explorers in 1719, in the centuries 18 and 19 was fate of adventurers that came from São Paulo in search of the gold in the region. Also was setting of territorial disputes. One of the most notorious episodes was the participation in the War of Paraguay in 1867, when its battalions regained the city of Corumbá, that for three years was under Paraguayan domain.

The visitor finds in the capital of the Mato Grosso records of the past in the historical row of houses, in the churches – as to of the Rosary, built by the slaves in the century 18 – and in the Museum of Stones Ramis Bucair.

Cuiabá functions like entrance for the diverse tourist fate that the region offers. It is possible fish and know the wild life of the Pantanal or the settings of stone of the Chapad dos Guimarães, that stays to less of 70 km of the city.

Food – The culinary cuiabana has its raízes in the African, Spanish, Portuguese, and native cuisine. The city unites the specialties of the Mato Grosso, based us fish of the region and in typical plates as the Vaca Atolada (stew of rib and cassava), to Maria Isabel (rice with dry meat) and the Galinha Caipira. In the fish markets, the highlights are the Mojica de Pintado, the Escaldado Cuiabano, the Caldo de Piranha and the Dourado or Piraputanga in the leaf of banana tree.

The Furundu, prepared with green papaya, raw cane sugar and cinnamon, is one of the local delicacies based on tropical fruits. Others typical plates are the Farofa (Fried Manioc Flour) of Banana of the Land, the Paçoca de Pilão Feita com Charque and Farinha de Mandioca Temperada (flour of temperate manioc), the Pixé of Toasted Corn (Pixé de Milho Torrado) and punched with cinnamon and sugar, the Cake of Rice cuiabano, the candies of cashew and sleeve and the liquor of pequi.

area: 3.984,9 km²

population: 550.562 hab

Main Football Teams: Mixto, Operário

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