Curitiba, Proud of its European Background

The official foundation of Curitiba occurred in 29 of March of 1693, when was created the Legislative Chamber. In the century 17, its main economic activity was the mining, ally to the agriculture of subsistence. In the century 20, city received a big contingent one of immigrants, specially from Europe. Until today, their descendants conserve the cultural traditions of their countries of origin. The city faced a quick development from 1970, with the modernization of the agriculture in the state. Even Though, Curitiba keeps itself among the cities with better quality of life in Brazil.

Food – Curitiba offers since refined restaurants to pleasant taverns. The most greatest gastronomic area is the Italian neighborhood of Santa Felicidade, but in several others points of the city you find bars, confectionaries, coffees and restaurants. The culinary is diversified and translates the influence of the Portuguese, German, Ukranian, Japanese, Italian, and Polish colonizers.

area: 434,967 km2

population: 1,852.000 (2009)

Main Soccer Teams: Atlético-PR, Coritiba, Paraná

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