Manaus, the Amazon’s Metropolis

Located in the biggest rainforest of the planet, the Amazon, Manaus is situated aside Rio Negro, in a region that concentrates 20% of the freshwater backups of the world, a genetic bank of priceless value and big deposits of ores, gas and oil.

Once called Tropic’s Paris, Manaus grew up with the exploitation of the rubber between the centuries 19 and 20, conserves 22% of its natural green area and today has its economy based in companies of technology in the Zona Franca of Manaus. The metropolis of the Amazon has the sixth biggest GDP among Brazilian towns and count with a huge historical and cultural richness.

Food – In Manaus food of mixed origin (White and Indian) predominate: freshwater fish, seasonings of the forest, the manioc and his derived. A typical plate is the caldeirada of tambaqui, with fresh fish, green seasonings and hardboiled eggs. Another amazonense’s creation is the tambaqui (or the jaraqui) roasted in the hot coal and accompanied of Brazilian typical baião-de-dois.

Area: 11.401,058 km²

Population: 1,738.000 (2010)

Main Football Teams: Nacional, Rio Negro, Sul América, São Raimundo.

Source: Brazilian Ministery of Tourism

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