Salvador of Bahia, Proud of its African Heritage

First capital of Brazil, Salvador has some characteristics that turns it a singular place. Owner of the greatest colonial row of houses of the South America and built by the side of the biggest Country’s bay, Salvador is the city with biggest relative black population outside of the Africa. Another highlight is the calendar of popular parties, that lasts all the Summer and has this great moment in the Carnival.

The city is detached also in social inequality. While the inhabitants of the richest neighborhoods have an HDI similar to the of scandinavian countries, most of the population is distributed in neighborhoods with IDH lower than the many African countries ones. In the last years the city has presented a huge growth of the real state.

Food – The culinary is one of the richest of Brazil and mixture Portuguese, African, and native plates, and is a lot appreciated by who likes strong flavors, with spicy seasonings. One of the basic ingredients is the palm oil, that enriches the flavor of plates based on seafood and on manioc.

Among the delicacies are the vatapá, the caruru, to moqueca, the fried beans, the abará and the coconut candies, food easily found in trays in the streets of the city.

Area: 706.799 km2

Population: 2,700.000 (2009)

Main Soccer Teams: Bahia, Vitória

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