“I’m not racist, just homophobic”

Conservative Bolsonaro (second from left) now pointed the finger in the "wrong direction" Photo: Janine Moraes/Ag. Camara

Since joined the politics, in 1990, the representative Jair Bolsonaro earned notoriety not by his action as parliamentary, but by his constant statements against the homosexuals and on behalf of the military dictatorship in Brazil, enclosed five years before of his first election. Soldier of career, Bolsonaro always was questioned even inside the forces for the incredible amount of blather that he manages to say while adressing the media. Protected by his political mandate, the representative already affirmed that if he had a gay son would slap him enough in order to him behave “like a man”.

But now Bolsonaro is in serious problems. During a TV show that mix journalism and humor, the representative tripped in the words and started being also charged of racism, what in Brazil is a crime, unlike homophobic offenses, that are not punished by law. The phrase “my son does not get that risk because he does not go into promiscuous environments as unfortunately are yours”, was dictates for the representative soon after the question “How would you react if your son were dating a black woman”, made by the celebrity/singer Preta Gil, presumible bisexual and best known for being daughter of Gilberto Gil.

Bolsonaro swears that he did not hear well the question and that still had recorded in his head the previous one, made by an unknown citizen, in the street, about homosexuality. Deliberate or not, his phrase spreaded itself quickly by all over the country and, apparently, disturbed more the leaderships of the movements in defense of the rights of the homosexuals than the black movement. First confirmed gay representative elected be in Brazil the journalist Jean Wyllys, best known for winning an edition of the Big Brother Brazil, affirmed for the press that this time Bolsonaro does not have escape.

National Congress representatives presented formal complaint against Bolsonaro and expect that he be punished, perhaps with the loss of the mandate. The homophobic representative and now defendant of racism always disdained of the criticisms that suffered, but now looks concerned. He said that is going to present in this Monday, in the same TV show, the picture of his black brother-in-law, in order to show that he is not racist.

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