Chávez to Endorse Brazil in UN Security Council’s Seat

Renata Giraldi, from Agencia Brasil

President Dilma Rousseff and the president of the Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, should sign a joint notice in the near Tuesday (10), in Brasilia. The document should contain the appeal for the reform of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) and the Venezuelan support to the Brazilian contest, that is occupying a permanent seat in the organ in name of the Latin America.

In the preliminary meetings of advisors of Chávez with Brazilian authorities there were signs of the support the Brazil. The president of the Venezuela will be the third leader of State that will indicate support to the reform of the advice, as defends Brazil.

In March, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, said to be favorable to the reform and to the desire of Brazil of having a permanent place in the advice, but avoided be explicit in this saying.

In last month, was the time of the president of the Chinese, Hu Jintao, affirm that is the moment of discuss changes in the advice.

Translated by Brazil Chronicle

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