Shaving Celebrities: The New Gamble of Procter&Gamble in Brazil

Vivianne Senna (left), that runs a NGO named after her famous brother, and the Governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner. Photo: Manu Dias/Agecom

    The meticulous cultivated beard of the governor of the Bahia, Jaques Wagner, through the long of the last 34 years disappeared this Sunday in an action of marketing of the multinational one Procter&Gamble.
    For accept get rid of the hair in the face, traditional symbol for left-winged politicians, the friend of the former president Lula and also founder of the Party of the Workers received around US$ 280,000 from the company.
    By the contract, the sum will be donated to the Instituto Ayrton Senna, a NGO administered by relatives of the famous Formula One’s pilot, tragically dead 17 years ago.
    Two months before, the nationally famous singer Bell Marques, of the carnival band Chiclete com Banana, accepted to shave his long beard, that was confused with his own identity, for promote the electric razor Prestobarba, one of the main brands of the P&G in Brazil.
    Neither the company neither the singer confirm, but people speculates that Marques has received four times the money earned by the governor of his State.
    Wagner, by the way, has been criticized by the opposition not only by have submitted himself to an action of marketing of a company, but also by that fact the money is going to be donated to a NGO from another State, even if the governor have required that the resources are applied in the Bahia.
      Luckily for him, graces to the popularity of his party in the last years, the opposition to his government is minor than the thin mustache that Wagner accepted to remove in public today.

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