Dead Bugs Shows to the Police Where the Marijuana Came From

The dead bugs that are mixed to the sheets of marijuana are helping Brazilian police to uncover the origin of the drug that arrives to the country.

Thanks to a methodology developed by a biologist that works like police agent, was possible conclude that a shipment of marijuana apprehended in Brasilia came of the State of the Mato Grosso and from Paraguay, reveals the reporter Amanda Cieglinski, of the Agência Brasil.

The research led two years for to be developed. Once collected a sample, the stuff is caused to an entomologist, professional that researches bugs, that aims which is the habitat natural of that bug.

“The marijuana is smoked barely without processing by that she comes with a big quantity of bugs because, in that environment, is not common the use of pesticides”, explained the biologist Marcos Patrício Macedo.

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