How to Behave Since You Are a New Middle Class Person

In the same week in that inhabitants of the rich neighborhood of Higienópolis, in São Paulo, complained about the possible installation of a subway station, that would “bring poor people to these wealthy streets, and that a Brazilian was arrested in Pakistan by his misconduct during the prayers in a mosque, a research published by the website shows that the new Brazilian middle class is concerned about behaving well in the new environments they are joining.

Even if the concepts of education from the traditionally rich families are highly questionable, the Brazilian upper class is growing uncomfortable with the popular customs spreading all around thanks to the economic growth of the country in the last years, increasing the number of people speaking loud in airports, squeaking for attract attention of the waiters in fency restaurants and being noted in environments that were redoubts of Brazilians that see themselves as new yorkers or europeans.

Over 31 millions of Brazilians are estimated of ascended socially in the last decade, and 12 millions of them are among the richest people of the country. Now, some of those new consumers is being educated for own will, learning how to use correctly the cutlery, eat escargot and how to behave at work. Looks like, so far, there is nothing about being in a mosque.

However, what matters for those citizens that now have more money in the pocket is not going to be more considered “differentiated people”, a term supposedly utilized by an inhabitant of the neighborhood of Higienópolis refering to the public that would start frequenting the neighborhood in case of a subway station is built the neighborhood where lives the former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The reaction of the inhabitants barely led the government to give up of the subway. But the issue earned highlight in the national media and in the social nets, provoking a wide debate about social discrimination, that led the former president Lula to have his saying, criticizing the neighbors of his predecessor, Cardoso, claiming they have prejudice against poor people.

A comediant had to apologize after a joke on jews made on his twitter. Higienópolis is full of jews that came from different countries. Hundreds of paulistas (as the inhabitants from São Paulo are known) occupied the streets of the Higienópolis in order to eat a churrasco (Brazilian barbecue), hang clothes outdoor and listening loud music, acts ascribed to the “differentied people”. The neighbor that allegedly had pronnounced this expression denied it later. She confirmed that criticized the idea of bringing people on a subway to Higienópolis. But made it in a classy way.

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