Father and Son Embraced on a Party Were Beaten for Homophobic Youngmen

A 42 years old man and his 18 years old son walked through a farm in the state of São Paulo, during a party, when seven boys approached them and asked if they were gays.

Even after a negative answer, the two were violently beaten.  The father had one of the ears injured by a bite. 

This new case of sexual intolerance, something more and more frequent in the media coverage, was curiously published in the same day in that websites report the main broadcaster network of Brazil, Rede Globo, is going to diminish the space for homosexual personages in its primetime soap opera, called Foolish Heart.

Ironically, the program was one of the main vehicles of an anti-homophobic movement that appeared in Brazil after gays have been aim of violence from the part of youth gangs in the Avenida Paulista, financial center of the main city of the country, São Paulo.

The argument about sexual tolerance began to be part of the dialogues of the story, with a reporter that did not respect his gay editor and finished being dismissed after offending him, a boy with difficulties of accepting that he feels attracted by men, that could be into a gay romance, and a rainbow’s flag in a beach of Rio. 

The defenders of the rights for the homosexuals were somehow enthusiastic with the possibility of seing a kiss between two men in a Globo´s production.  The first gay kiss of the Brazilian TV did not happen in an output of fiction, but in a publicity of a small left-wing political party.

  A soap opera, of another TV, saw its audience going up when exhibited a kiss between two beautiful lesbians.  But the directors of the TV vetoed the possibility of airing two men kissing.

Upon explaining why he is not going to extend the space for homosexual couples or put a gay kiss in his near sopa opera, screenplay writer Aguinaldo Silva, himself gay, said that does not see a censorship of the TV broadcaster, but of the public.

Acording to him, a survey made in his personal website indicated that 75% of the voters do not want to see two people of the same sex kissing.  The attack on two people in the small Brazilian place reported today shows that some people do not tolerate even the embrace between father and son.

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