Brazilians Think Race Interfere on Quality of Life, but not Everyone is Concerned About Equality


Surprise? Survey Shows Race Can Make a Difference on Brazilian Labor Market

A research published today, 22, indicates that 63.7% of the Brazilians consider that the race interferes in the quality of life of the citizens.  For the majority of the 15 thousand interviewed, the difference between the white people’s life  and the nonwhite’s one is evident in the work (71%), in questions related to the justice and the police (68,3%) and the social relations (65%).

The result of the research, elaborate in 2008, is not exactly a surprise in a country where, although being barely half of the Brazilian population, the black people hen no more than 8% of the 513 chosen representatives in the last year.  Another research, that came out in the last month of May, shows that the salary of a white man in Brazil is, on average, 46% over the one of a black man, what also can be explained by the difference of education.

What calls the attention in this last researches is that 96% of the interviewed  people do not have difficulties in identify the color of their skin, in a country that is world famous for its mixture of races.  If barely all of the Brazilians have clarity about the ethnic group they belong and 70% identify racist components in the work, in the police approaches, in the judgments and in the social relations, why racism still is assumed as a standard pattern in some spheres of government?

Two years ago, the government of the State of São Paulo launched a website in what workers from the six biggest cities of Brazil can evaluate the chances of obtain a new job on basis of their profile.  One of the criteria of definition, aside with the level of education and the gender, is race.  Everybody who fills the others fields of the research in an identical way and only changes race receives the information that a white  or an Asian should have the expectation of earn more than a black person and or a native one.

In that case, instead of fight the racist practices of the labor market, identified by the research published today, the State says his workers that they must be prepared to face a racial discrimination.

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