Looking for a Job in Brazil? See the Best Brazilian Cities to Improve Your Career

Every year monthly magazine Você S/A (something like You Co.), specialized in human resources and labor market, aims the 100 best cities of Brazil for have success in the career.  The research considers the economic performance of the cities, the vacancies in the universities and the system of health.  See below the rank 2011, that, as usual, brings São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the first positions.

But the opportunities are spreaded by the country.  With an impressive economic growth in the last years, the achievement of the World Cup of soccer in 2014 and of the olympic games in 2016 and the discovery of huge reserves of oil in the coastline and the works of infrastructure in all the country there are jobs for qualified workers.

the 20 top cities are:

1) São Paulo

2) Rio de Janeiro

3) Barueri

4) Vitória

5) Belo Horizonte

6) Porto Alegre

 7) Curitiba

 8) São Caetano do Sul

9) Brasília

10) Macaé

11) Campinas

12) Santos

13) Recife

14) Salvador

15) Florianópolis

16) Niterói

17) Ribeirão Preto

18) Cubatão

19) Campo dos Goytacazes

20) Itajaí

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