After Two Years, Woman Denounces Faith Healer that was Making Love with Her in Order to get Her Boyfriend Back

Known in his neighborhood as the God of the Love, a 52 years old faith healer from the state of the Maranhão, was searched by a 22 years olg girl, that was despaired for reattach with her former boyfriend, and proposed her an intriguing spiritual work.  For a undefinied period of time, the young woman should scream the name of his loved one while having sex with him, the faith healer.  And then be patient until it work.

The girl believed that was the only way for having her boyfriend back and during two years knocked the faith healer´s door and had sex with him, always calling for Ari. It was not clear however how long this name was mentioned, but a day finally the young lady distrusted of the efficacy of the work proposed by the faith healer and, faced with the absence of result, went to the police and denounced him. 

Memésio dos Santos Furtado admitted that dealt with the girl during two years, but said that they had a love relation.  And that she created that history when he, the faith healer, decided that will not want be more with her.  After being locked, the faith healer was liberated by the police, that still did not decide wheter investigate or not the sexual handling proposed by the God of the Love.

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